Ways People Use Solar Power

3 Amazing Ways People Use Solar Power

Solar energy is one of the most popular kinds of renewable energy. Just like wind and geothermal energy, this one utilizes a source that offers an unlimited supply. The sun is never away — half of the world gets sunlight while the other half sleeps. But how exactly does society use solar power? Here are three ways.

1) Solar-Powered Vehicles

Ever heard of solar cars? These use photovoltaic (PV) cells that utilize sunlight and turn them into electricity. This electricity then powers the motors. Solar cars are unlikely to enter the consumer market anytime soon, but they already have their own racing competitions to showcase the technology.

Likewise, there are solar-powered buses that get their power from solar panels installed on their rooftops. For example, there’s the Tindo public bus in the city of Adelaide. It completely runs on solar energy. Plus, there are buses that rely on solar energy as a secondary source of power.

2) Solar-Powered Lights

Arguably one of the most practical ways to use solar energy is to light up areas. Many households already use solar-powered lights to illuminate the nearby outdoors. And since they run on solar power, the setup is pretty simple — there are no tangled wires that need to connect to a power grid.

These lights are not as popular as panels, but it’s clear that they have consumer appeal. Using them will save families a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, solar-powered lights can also help drivers see well at night. Lights at each side of the road will run all night since they charge all day using sunlight.

3) Solar Rooftops

Of course, another common use of solar energy is to place solar panels on rooftops. Some people think that it ruins the overall look of the house, but solar panels today come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. No longer do you have to settle for the large, rectangular panels.

For one, Tesla developed the Solar Roof. It enables your roof area to convert sunlight into electricity, but there are no usual panels. Instead, the acclaimed company uses Solar Roof tiles. The solar cells are pretty much invisible to the naked eye — your neighbors won’t even realize you’re using renewable energy.

Moreover, the Solar Roof tiles are actually more durable than regular tiles. And once you’ve got enough solar energy, you can power your computers, TVs, and other devices. If you do have a smart device, get a VPN for LG Smart TV or whatever appliance you have. This keeps your Internet-connected devices safe from hacking and malware attacks.

The world will inevitably run out of fossil fuel, but solar energy is here to stay. Public and private entities should invest more in renewable energy to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.